Tank - 300 Gallons Bench Style

Safe, Clean, Reliable

With the ONLY built-in containment system, this bench-style 300 gallon used oil storage tank is engineered specifically for storing used or waste petroleum oil.  An inner containment where new oil is first placed provides time to settle out water and sludge.  When the oil reaches the top of the containment, it spills over filling the balance of the tank.  When new oil is added it does not stir up the water and sludge from the bottom of the tank that supplies the heater.  In addition, INOV8 supplies a floating pickup assembly - which is a float device that holds the oil supply line at the top of the oil.  Besides deliverying the best possible oil to the burner, these two devices save the expense of frequent replacement of oil filters because they fill up with sludge and water.  

The INOV8 tank is built of 10 and 11 gauge heavy duty steel that is reinforced inside and powder coated for a durable finish that is easy to keep clean.  There are three 2" openings to use as: fill, tank level, and burner supply, and one 3" opening to use for venting.  Two bottom openings allow for annual drainage on both containment areas in the tank.  Heavy duty support brackets hold your waste oil burning furnace for an attractive and convenient turn-key installation.  This tank is listed to UL and Canadian standards for oil tank storage.

INOV8 can also provide UL listed custom made tanks that are single or double wall, vertical or horizontally configured and nearly any size. Please call for pricing and availability.  For additional information click on the following links: