Waste Oil Burners


Since 1990 INOV8 has manufactured burners capable of using waste petroleum and waste fryer oil as fuel, to save energy costs in heating appliances in innumerable applications.  Anyone who generates a waste oil in their business or has access to this oil can save heating costs while feeling good about the environment.  The unique method of handling fuel in INOV8 burners assures complete combustion - which is a friend to the environment.  Incomplete combustion is the smoke seen from chimneys or vehicles and is what causes pollution and concern.  Preheating the waste fuel to the optimal temperature, then atomizing the fuel into tiny particles allows it to be completely consumed - getting as much energy value out of the oil as possible with absolutely no smoke.

INOV8 designed these features into two burner categories; one that can use as fuel any liquid petroleum or biofuel and the second is a gas and oil combination burner. Both have the same capabilities of complete combustion for clean burning of waste oil.  The gas-oil burner is the only one of its kind in North America.  In addition to burning the waste oil it can also use as fuel natural gas or propane, either alone or in combination with oil of poor BTU quality or quantity.   

In 2012 INOV8 acquired the rights to manufacture and support the Kingbuilt Hydronic Combustion System.  The Kingbuilt patented waste oil burner has a unique method of handling the preheating of oil that prevents maintenance problems caused by most waste oil burners. When used on a boiler, the hot water generated can be used to preheat the fuel, saving additional energy costs.  A control senses when the boiler water reaches the set temperature opening a valve that flows the hot water into a heat exchanger that transfers the heat into the fuel.  The 200 degree boiler water is a perfect temperature to support combustion of most fuels. 

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