INOV8's Model F240 waste oil furnace is versatile in so many ways.  It is a great size and configuration to fit into most applications.  It can burn almost any liquid petroleum or biofuel, regardless of viscosity or flash point.  It is easy to install and maintain and operate.  There are so many design advantages that create longevity, energy efficiency and easy maintenance.  One design eliminated steel fatigue common in waste oil furnaces.  The very hot combustion chamber was separated from the cooler heat exchanger - meaning it was no longer welded rigidly but allowed to expand indendently.  That has eliminated heat exchanger failure due to the differences in steel temperature. 

For nearly 25 years INOV8 has used aluminized steel rather than follow the industry's use of cold-rolled common steel then later switching to stainless steel.  Common steel is an excellent heat transfer metal but is vulnerable to corrosion that is common in waste oil furnaces.  Stainless is an excellent steel to prevent corrosion but is a poor heat transfer metal.  INOV8 stands by the use of aluminized steel as a superior metal when using waste oil with years of proven technology.  There are many other features that contribute to ease of operation and maintenance. 

  • There are two hot zones inside the heat exchanger that are protected with stainless panels and high temperature ceramic. Since 1992 INOV8 has protected those areas with 3200 degree ceramic material in all furnaces. 
  • The heat exchanger is accessible through a hinged door located above the burner.  No longer is it required to remove the chimney to clean the heat exchanger. 
  • The burner is hinged to accommodate cleaning the combustion chamber and checking the nozzle without removing the burner.
  • Burner electrical harnesses are set-up with quick disconnects for easy reinstallation. 
  • The finish on the cabinet is industrial powder-coat in Ford Blue for a durable good looking appearance.
  • A heavy duty 1/2 hp farm-duty motor.
  • An optional squirrel cage type blower - for ducting purposes.  

All INOV8 furnaces were tested and listed by Intertek ETL-Semko to safety standards in the United States and Canada for using as fuel any environmentally approved waste oil.      

The F240 can be paired with either the model S200 oil burner or the model G200 gas-oil burner.  Depending on what fuel is available or if you need a ready back-up of gas, this furnace can accommodate any need.   The choice of burners allows the use of any fuel: approved waste petroleum oil, vegetable-based oil or biofuel, diesel or fuel oil, natural gas or propane.  Gas and oil can be burned at the same time in the G200 burner.  That's desirable when burning oil that has water or antifreeze in it, or has a low BTU value like glycerin or a high flash point like vegetable oil. The PLC control senses a loss of oil pressure and automatically switches the fuel to gas for no loss of heat.  Complete specifications and a technical overview can be seen on the page Gas-Oil Burner.  

Other popular features on the S200 oil burner include: a digital temperature control that allows easy adjusting of oil preheat to accommodate extremes in waste oil - like synthetic and fryer oil. The preheater can be turned off to burn diesel, jet fuel or fuel oil.  The electrodes turn off after 10 seconds extending the life of the electrodes and the transformer. Electrical connections are quick disconnect.  The burner still utilizes the Fireye Industrial-rated Combustion Control for unmatched safety monitoring of the flame.   

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F240 on a Bench Tank with Stands