Since 1990 INOV8 has been producing heating appliances in Wisconsin that are based on a patented burner capable of using waste petroleum and vegetable oil as fuel.  These heating appliances produce significant savings for users in energy consumption while disposing of waste oils in an environmentally friendly and EPA approved method.

INOV8 products incorporate technology that prevent typical industry problems and eliminate safety concerns.  INOV8’s strength since its inception has been technological superiority in combustion of waste oil and creative solutions to unusual applications.  INOV8’s first product was a 240,000 BTU space heater typically used in a garage setting where vehicle crankcase oil is changed and readily available.  Three additional furnaces, a full line of hot water boilers and waste water evaporators have since been added to enhance the product offerings.

INOV8 re-certified four furnaces, two oil storage tanks and two burners in 2007 by Intertek ETL-Semko, an internationally recognized third-party testing agency.  The products were tested to current safety standards for waste oil burning appliances in the United States and Canada.

In the fall of 2009 INOV8 completed similar certification on a new series of gas-oil burners that provide unlimited fuel options.  The G-Series of burners range in size from 100,000 to 900,000 BTUs allowing the use of any liquid waste oil, natural gas or propane, or when the oil is of poor quality or low in quantity, then both gas and oil can be used simultaneously.  The control package is also safety certified and allows the burner to automatically switch to gas if the oil is depleted or has a blocked filter.  The G-Series burners can be used on furnaces, boilers, the wastewater evaporators, and on approved water heaters.

The need to diversify our energy sources has lead many to search for petroleum fuel alternatives.  A growing market, concerned with our nation’s dependency on foreign fossil fuels, is seeking green technologies which are manufactured here in the United States.  Attention has been drawn to waste fryer oil, a bi-product of the restaurant industry, for its natural heating value of approximately 130,000 BTUs per gallon, comparable to #2 home heating fuels that have values of 140,000 BTUs per gallon.  INOV8 continues to believe that wise use of waste oil in the location of its generation, doubling its useable purpose, and saving energy costs is far superior to any alternative use of that oil.  Additional and very positive benefits include the burning of a fuel that is carbon neutral and eliminating the transporting and processing costs of converting the oil to biodiesel. 

INOV8 customers have been using vegetable oil as fuel for over a decade, starting with the first recorded fryer boiler at an Arby’s restaurant in 1991.  Throughout the years, INOV8’s biofuel using customer base has steadily increased to include agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential users.  Biofuels continue to grow in popularity in the food industry and agricultural sectors.



Our Mission:

 INOV8 International Incorporated exists to provide products of superior quality specifically designed for the challenges of burning alternative fuels in a reliable and clean manner, with unsurpassed safety, while positively impacting our environment.  We are committed to enabling cost effective, uncompromised technological solutions, to meet the needs of our customers in a professional, efficient and competitive manner.