Furnace Overview

This furnace overview covers three models of INOV8 waste oil furnaces: model F125, F240 and the model F450.  All used oil furnaces are equipped with the model S200 waste oil burner, except the model F240 furnace as an option can be equipped with the gas-oil burner, model G200.  All furnaces include the following features:

  • Operating efficiency of 85%
  • The furnace heat exchanger is constructed of heavy duty aluminized steel, which is a much better heat transfer steel than is stainless.  The aluminum coating provides protection from corrosion and rusting.
  • All furnace designs are three-pass for the highest heat transfer efficiency available from oil heat.
  • All furnaces are designed to accommodate easy access to the flue passages for removing of the ash.
  • The burners are on hinges or doors so they can be left in place during cleaning.
  • All furnaces are finished with powder coat in Ford Blue for durability, easy cleaning and attractive appearance.
  • Standard parts and accessories:  a floating pickup assembly for installation in the waste oil tank with a standard 2” and 3" openings, a 120 volt wall thermostat, a UL listed in-line filter housing and filter, a ¾” checkvalve, spare fuses, spare vapor eliminator filter, burner gasket, a barometric damper and an instruction manual. 
  • Patented burners that provide clean and complete combustion of any viscosity or flash point of used motor oil or biofuel. 
  • Waste oil that can be used as fuel: used crankcase oils, transmission and hydraulic oils, crankcase oil with 10% gasoline, 90wt gear box oil, 175wt heat transfer oil, synthetic oils, commercial and military jet fuels.   Also vegetable oil that is new or used, biodiesel up to B100 and other biofuels.  The preheater can be turned off to allow use of diesel and fuel oil up to #6. 
  • Safety devices: a Fireye industrial rated electronic burner control, an ultra-violet flame detector/sensor, a needle-valve shutoff, a solenoid for the oil, a solenoid for the air, and a 120 volt wall thermostat.
  • Oil preheating & Oil Pumping capabilities:  the oil pump and oil preheating are integral within the burners. The pump is driven by a heavy duty burner motor that can draw the oil horizontally 30 feet with a lift of 8 feet.  If additional lift is required, INOV8 has available two different boost pumps: a diaphragm pump and a gear pump.  Both come completely ready with required parts.
  • The instruction manuals include three sections:  1) installation, 2) normal operation & maintenance, and 3) troubleshooting details.  They accompany the equipment and can be obtained on this website at each products' page.
  • The INOV8 furnaces are listed to UL296A the Standard for Safety Oil Burners; CSA B140.0, Issue: 2003/10/01, Ed:3, General Requirements for Oil Burning Equipment General Instruction No 2-4 (R1991) by Intertek ETL-Semko, Report # 3128618CRT-002.  The gas burner on the model F240 furnace is tested to ANSI Z21.17 AEI Domestic Gas Conversion Burner Issue 1998/01/01 and CSA 2.7-M98, and to UL296A, Issue 1994/06/01, Ed: 10 Rev:2006/02/24.

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