F125 Waste Oil Furnace


INOV8's Model F125 Waste Oil Furnace has 125,000 BTU input making it a perfect size for the small garage with limited space and heating needs. This furnace is constructed of aluminized steel but it also has a counter-flow heat exchanger design - the most energy efficient design available.   But the most important benefit of a counter-flow design is that it prevents steel stressing and twisting because all steel surfaces are heated to like temperatures.  It's when adjacent steel surfaces are different temperatures that you see heat exchanger failure, common in competitors' designs.  This amazing furnace performs at 86% energy efficiency and was listed as an Energy Star Product.  

The furnace is paired with INOV8's model S200 waste oil burner which consumes .84 gallons per hour to heat about 3,500 square feet.  The burner mounts onto the furnace door that swings open to expose the combustion chamber for easy cleaning.  The door also seconds as a heat exchanger for heating outside air for sealed combustion.  When small shops exhaust fumes outside, negative building pressure is often created.  That negative pressure will suck fumes down a chimney and put them into the shop.  In addition to creating dangerous air for breathing, negative downward pressure can cause burner operating problems.  To prevent such problems INOV8 designed the door of the furnace to preheat outside air.  You simply attach 4" dryer vent to the opening on the door to an opening outside and the same vent size to an opening on the left side of the burner.  This circuit supplies fresh preheated air for the combustion needs of the burner.  This circuit is known as sealed combustion in the heating industry. Another benefit of the sealed combustion on the F125 furnace is its hot combustion zone temperature which is ideal for burning biofuels.  Most biofuels are made from vegetable based oil that has flash points between 500 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit.  These oils don't burn well in relatively cool heat exchangers.  The preheated air creates the perfect environment for biofuels.

The F125 can be installed on an INOV8 bench tank that supports the furnace and supplies the best possible fuel.  For additional information see the page on Furnaces, and/or click on the links that follow: