Kingbuilt Burner 

In 2012 the owner of Kingbuilt decided to pursue his Oil Press Business and rather than abandon his heater customers, he asked INOV8 to support existing systems and provide new and replacement equipment.  This relationship is unusual but INOV8 has committed to supporting Kingbuilt customers.  Kingbuilt's patented hydronic oil preheating system was designed to prevent nozzle blockages and maintenance common on waste oil burners from preheating oil with high temperature heating elements.  INOV8 has found that this method of preheating reduces component failure from being exposed to high temperature and the oil delivery lines remain free of build-up.  The burner was designed for self-sufficiency and do-it-yourselfers who want to do their own installations and maintenance.  The instruction manual can be accessed at a link lower on this page.  

INOV8 is providing three levels of support:

  • For existing customers INOV8 offers part replacement on this website - similar to what was previously available on the Kingbuilt website.  In addition INOV8 also offers updates and reconditioning of existing burners.  Call for details.
  • The Kingbuilt burner model HPC-1 with the patented hydronic oil preheating system is now being manufactured by INOV8.  See below for additional information. 
  • Kingbuilt customers still have access to Kingbuilt Boiler Systems in these sizes: KBB150, KBB250, KBB350 and KBB500.  See details below for pricing and availability or call INOV8 at 877-684-6688. 

Additional information is available by visiting the Products Page on this website for the individual boilers shown below, by going to the website, by contacting INOV8 and by clicking on the links that follow: 





   KBB150               KBB250               KBB350                KBB500

 More information can be accessed at the Kingbuilt website: