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    For over ten years INOV8 has sold and used Graco's Husky Model 307 Diaphragm Pump for moving waste oil from the tank to the heater.  They are in our own shop and do an excellent job.  The same air pressure that is used to operate the burner can be used to operate this pump.  You install an airline from the air compressor into an air regulator that is set to the desired oil pressure. With each pump, INOV8 includes an air regulator and gauge.  An oil regulator and gauge assembly may also be required - consult with INOV8.  

    The advantage of this type of pump is that there are no gears to wear out or clean, and the pump doesn't draw electric current.   The pump only operates until the desired pressure is obtained, so there is no constant noise. The model 307 is used for most vehicle waste oil.  Other models are available that can handle solutions that are more deleterious than motor oil or for larger applications.  

    INOV8 sells these pumps as a kit.  More information can be found at the Graco website, by clicking on this link:

    Graco Husky 307 Double Diaphragm Pump


Graco's boost pump

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